Welcome to MyHoodCanal! We love Hood Canal for many different reasons. For the shellfish we harvest, the fish we catch, the birds we watch, and the limitless other recreational opportunities available. But, in order to keep Hood Canal healthy and productive, we must protect its water quality.

One of the biggest threats we face in managing water quality is stormwater. Stormwater runoff can carry chemicals, waste and other pollutants across impervious surfaces and into our streams, which eventually dump into Hood Canal.

In the Belfair Urban Growth Area, nearly 85% of the lands are impervious. The result of polluted stormwater? Shellfish harvest closures, swimming closures, and much more.

It’s not all gloom and doom, though! If residents, tourists, and businesses partner together, we can do our part to protect Hood Canal. On this site, you can find ways to manage stormwater on your property or at your business, along with other helpful resources.

Thank you for pitching in!

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