Tree Planting

As you likely already know, planting trees provides countless benefits to you and your property. In addition to increasing property value, trees increase wildlife habitat, help clean our air and act as a natural tool to reduce stormwater. And best of all, once a tree is planted, little maintenance is required.

Studies have shown that a medium-sized tree has the ability to catch over 2,300 gallons of rainfall per year! Coupled with a tree’s root structure acting to reduce soil erosion, trees are an easy, effective solution to reduce stormwater runoff.

Ready to act? Here’s a video to help you get started.

Managing Stormwater

Did You Know? Despite the gloom and doom, you CAN help manage stormwater! Stormwater management begins in your yard or at your business. Check out how to get started.

Protecting Hood Canal's Shellfish

Did You Know? Significant amounts of stormwater can increase the risk of flooding, and once polluted, can severely impact Hood Canal's shellfish and salmon, as well as our drinking water.

Pollutants in Hood Canal

Did You Know? Over 50,000 pounds of pollutants on average are released into the Puget Sound and Hood Canal Ecosystem every day, including oils, metals and more. (Washington State Department of Ecology (2011b). Toxics in Runoff to Puget Sound. Phase 3 Data Loads and Estimates. April 2011

Rain in Puget Sound

Did You Know? Most of Puget Sound and Hood Canal receive over 40 inches of rain each year. Just an inch of rain over a 1-acre acre equates to over 27,000 gallons of water! That's a lot of stormwater runoff.